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Episode 3: Fallout 3

Episode 3: Fallout 3

Our third episode has finally landed!  After an inexcusably long time in the stratosphere, we welcome you all to see our condensed review of the first 30 minutes with Fallout 3.  Our guest on the couch this time around was Liza Shulyayeva, a veteran PC gamer but console virgin.  We hope you enjoy this episode [...]

Episode 2: Braid

Episode 2: Braid

Our second episode where we sit down and give the infamous game Braid a run through the TLC gauntlet. As you can see we tried a bit of a different format for this one, and yours truly wasn’t involved since buy viagra legally I had already completely pwn3d the game before this session. Be sure [...]

Episode 1: Rise of the Argonauts

Episode 1: Rise of the Argonauts

Our pilot episode, needless to say it’s a little rough around the edges!  At this stage we were just testing out our tech and some show ideas, but hopefully you Buy cialis drugs will find the core concept of the show still intact and enjoyable.  We’ll be posting new videos and redesigning the webpage to [...]

You are now watching: Episode 3: Fallout 3

Our third episode has finally landed!  After an inexcusably long time in the stratosphere, we welcome you all to see our condensed review of the first 30 minutes with Fallout 3.  Our guest on the couch this time around was Liza Shulyayeva, a veteran PC gamer but console virgin.  We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed taking part in it! I also played a bit with annotations on this one, let me know what you all think, and watch the credits this time for an added bonus challenge.  I know you all love challenges.   The short reviews in couch order from left to right are:

Jeza’s Take

I’ve been a Fallout fan from way back so when Black Isle passed into the wilderness part way through developing Fallout 3 I consigned my hopes to the ash can of society and mourned its passing. Thankfully, after 5 years, Bethesda came to the rescue, or did they? I watched with baited breath as Liza started us on the 30 minute Fallout 3 ride. From the outset it reminded me of Oblivion and I must admit I wasn’t surprised, why wouldn’t they use that engine? The tutorial can feel a little cheesy but is well integrated into the game letting the player get a reasonable feel for the mechanics. As you progress from baby to child to young adult you get the chance to choose your stats and skills as well as learn how to shoot a gun. Unfortunately, as the first rays of sunlight touched our faces leaving the vault, our time was up, but I will tell you it made me want to play more, a lot more. The dialogue was great, voice acting well done and the player interactions were just right. My only real grievance is the 3rd person view, you look like an absolute retard from behind. Seriously Bethesda, you do all that great work and then give the player model poor proportions and a gimpy animation? WHY!? I could go on but I’ll save it for the longer review. Let me say that after the first 30 minutes, big thumbs up.

Liza’s Take

I got to sit on the big red couch with Dan and Jeremy of Teh Learning Curve to play Fallout 3. I had originally thought it would be just another FPS, which I don’t really get into, but after doing a bit more reading about the game I realized that it’s just as much of a role playing game as it is a blow-their-heads-off type of thing. I really loved the beginning of the game, although all of the numerous appearance options felt kind of overwhelming at first – I felt like going through them all! So to the tune of Jeremy’s and Dan’s witty remarks I entered the world of Vault 101. I loved all of the social interaction in the game as I grew from toddler to teen. I only had 30 minutes to play the game and spent it all in the Vault. It was just as time was running out that I found the storyline leading e to the outside world – and then the session was over.

I can’t speak for the action outside of Vault 101 because I did buy cialis usa not really have time to see any, but gameplay inside Vault 101 was very enjoyable for me, as someone who likes games that do focus on social interaction and the role playing aspect as opposed to just the FPS aspect.

Dan’s Take

I hadn’t played a Fallout game since Fallout 2, and as an old Fallout fan I was excited to see how the third title in the series came out.  Fallout 3 certainly doesn’t disappoint in the first 30 minutes, with a masterfully crafted introduction that really takes you by the hand and teaches you the game while immersing you in an interactive story.  The game uses the same engine as Bethesda used in Oblivion, so of course it looks and sounds great, and the quality voice acting was a nice treat.  There really isn’t much I think I need to say about Fallout 3, other than if you have a PC or 360, like any of the earlier Fallout games or open world style RPGs like Oblivion then this is right up your ally.  If you’re looking for a more in-depth first person shooter, then the game has equal merit but don’t expect the non-stop action of Halo 3.  In any case, as I hate trying to make up criteria for who would or wouldn’t like the game it comes down to this.  Fallout 3 is a great game, I enjoyed my time with it and it deserves a place on any gamer’s shelf.